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   provides dog walking and daycare in Charlotte that                                                                  INCLUDES training! 

    Let US work on training issues such as jumping, pulling on walks, mouthiness, and reactivity issues!  


                                NO Big Upfront Cost! Why risk $1,000s on a board-n-train that may not work out?                                    


                                 NO Contracts! We won't commit you to anything on a long-term basis. 


                                  NO Major Time Commitment! We do almost all the work for you.


                              NO harsh corrections, no barbaric prong, choke, or shock collars!  



                                                                 Two Great Training Formats:​

                                          Walk-N-Learn $40 

A 30 minute walk-n-learn around your neighborhood while we work on issues like jumping, over excitement and reactivity!


                                Day-Training $80 

Leave your dog with us so we can work on these issues ALL DAY! Daily video updates and weekly debriefings included!              


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