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Day training!


There's nothing more disheartening than having to explain to your family, friends, trainer and even yourself that you haven't had the time, energy, or desire to spend on training that you thought you would!  

We get it...nobody really wants to be "trained to train their dog" so instead let us spend several hours a day for 7 days training your dog in public places, working on a combination of the basics as well as your dog's specific issues.


Here's how it works...


Step One: We'll schedule an initial 60 minute meet-n-greet to talk about what needs to be accomplished and how we’ll do it….NO sales pitch included!

Step Two: We'll then set up a month's worth of lessons in a daycare format where I work with your dog, using our fun and gentle approach and beginning with baby steps.  You do not need to attend these lessons, but you’re more than welcome to!

Step Three:  You’ll get daily updates via text messages and videos on our progress. Then we’ll meet again at the end of the sessions and we’ll go over everything. No need to ever feel overwhelmed cuz we offer unlimited follow up lessons!  

Total Cost $1,200

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