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We're the only 100% train-as-you-go service, which means NO large upfront financial commitment, lots of effective training, and letting us handle the hard work.

We're disrupting the dog training industry. No longer are you required to risk paying gobs of money upfront. Our fun & easy approach is arranged to be payable by the week, day, or even by hour!






                                                  The Biggest Secret In Dog Training

The cheezy illustration below sums up everything that goes either right or wrong when we're training our dogs.
On the left is how many of our dogs seem to be... Using the tools they're born with like aggression, over-excitement, and wild out-of-controlness. A.K.A the Instinctual part of their brain. 

MOST dogs use this stuff until we start filling the other side of their brain with options such as calmness, focus, & self-control. A.K.A the Intellectual part. 

Our methods help dogs ease away their anxieties to keep their mind operating on the green side of this Threshold. So, The more Intellectual they become, the less Instinctual they need to be...and as they make this transition, the issues begin dissappearing!!
Meet Winston.

 A high-energy, goof-off of a dog who really needed to learn how to keep control of himself without having to stop enjoying life.

 Our RE-Training Plan was the answer. His mom hired us to undo the impact of out-dated methods and to reinstall Winston's ability to keep cool, calm, & collected!

Our unique clicker-training methods helped  Winston learn that it pays off to not chase after squirrels, not yank the leash out of our hand, and as you can see, sit outside without taking off. 
Anything Can Be Accomplished!

We at in Delmar help you focus on easing away a dog's anxieties, so amazing things happen. 

NONE of these dogs initially got along. The brindle mix kept bothering the Papillon, the white dog on the right wasn't too crazy about our own dogs on the upper left, and the Beagle didn't like anybody!

After implementing our methods, they all began to relax around each other to the point where they could all loaf around together! 

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